Countermeasures and Suggestions for African Swine Fever

The sudden outbreak of African swine fever has made our pig breeders very worried. Even more disturbing, there is no vaccine available.So why is African swine fever so bad?How to prevent and control African swine fever?


Why is African swine fever so bad?
1.ASF is spread by contact with infected animals’ body fluids. It can be spread by ticks that feed on infected animals. People are also a source of spread; as they can move the virus on vehicles or clothing. It can also be spread by feeding pigs uncooked garbage that contains infected pork products.
2.The signs of ASF include: high fever; decreased appetite; weakness; red, blotchy skin or skin lesions; diarrhea, vomiting, coughing and difficulty breathing.
3. Super in vitro survival ability, low temperature resistance,wide range of PH resistance, long-term survival in blood, feces and tissues, years or decades of survival in frozen meat, and long survival in uncooked meat, cured meat and swill;
So how to prevent and control African swine fever?

Although there are no effective vaccine products to prevent African swine fever in the world, high temperature and disinfectant can effectively kill the virus, so doing a good job in farm bio-safety protection is the key to preventing and controlling African swine fever. so we can proceed from the following aspects:
1. Strengthening quarantine supervision and prohibiting the transfer of pigs and their products from the epidemic area;Strictly controlling the entry of people, vehicles and susceptible animals into farms;When entering and leaving farms and production areas,the personnel, vehicles and articles should be strictly sterilized.
2. Keeping pigs as close as possible, taking isolation and protective measures, and trying to avoid contacting with wild pigs and soft ticks with blunt edges.And strengthening the inspection of the pig house, observing the mental state of the pig, if there is a pig with disease ,reporting to the relevent at the same time, taking isolation or culling control measures;
3. Slops or leftovers are prohibited to feed pigs.Slops fed to pigs is a major cause of the spread of swine fever in Africa.But in China’s family pig farm, swill feeding is still quite common, need to be vigilant.
4. Strengthening the disinfection of farm and personnel in and out . The disinfection personnel should wear protective shoes and clothes.Peolpe should be in shower disinfection, spray disinfection,the clothes, hats, shoes should be soaked and cleaned.
Sensitar dead animal rendering plant can help with the treatment of the dead pig and prevent from the spreading African swine fever


Sensitar Rendering Plant is environmental,high-efficiency,sterilized.
Working flow chart:
Raw material–crush–cook–oil press–oil and meal
The finally product will be meal and oil,the meal can be used for poultry feed,the oil will be used for industrial oil.

Post time: Jan-08-2020
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