Congratulations on the successful installation project in Belarus

Shandong Sensitar machinery manufacturing co., LTD is a leading developer and manufacturer of harmless processing production lines for livestock and poultry.

In April 2019, Sensitar completed the guided installation and commissioning project for the berenich protein plant in Belarus.

Together with the berenich protein plant, shandong Sensitar machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is committed to providing the best service in the field of animal waste treatment to meat processing enterprises, livestock ranches and other enterprises.

The berenich protein factory is a subsidiary of the Saria group in the berenich region of the mojilev region of the republic of Belarus.The land area is about 4 hectares.

Sariya group is an international producer of quality products for human and animal nutrition, agriculture and aquaculture, and technology applications.

Worldwide, the company employs about 9,000 people and operates 200 plants using a variety of production technologies.The parent company of the SARIA group is SARIA SE&Co.KG, located in Selm (Germany).


Post time: May-07-2019
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