• Was Coronavirus detected by imported salmon?How will these salmon with the virus be handled?
    Post time: Jun-30-2020

    According to relevant reports, 46 new coVID-19 patients were tested positive for nucleic acid in Beijing after 56 days of no new local cases. After analyzing the activity track of the confirmed cases, the source was located in the Beijing’s largest wholesale market,named Xinfadi. On the eve...Read more »

  • U.S. pork processing rebounds to 95% of 2019 levels
    Post time: Jun-18-2020

    Pig processing in the US continues to rebound, with the number of pigs slaughtered last week slightly higher than in the same period last year. Hog exports hit a record in April, and farmers across the United States are getting financial help. In the spring of 2020, affected by the outbreak of C...Read more »

  • Congratulations! Sensitar has a big deal with JTC Poultry Processing Hub
    Post time: Jun-05-2020

    Singapore’s first poultry processing hub-has been designed and would be manufactured and delivered by Shandong Sensitar The smart factory, which can process 16.000 chickens per hour, includes a state-of-the-art waste management system which reduces and recycles waste from the slaughter process. ...Read more »

  • Delivery!2 Tons/Batch Rendering Plant Has Been Packed to Delivered to Binzhou
    Post time: May-27-2020

    On May-18, 2 tons/batch rendering plant designed from Sensitar has been finished manufacturing and inspected qualified,delivered to Binzhou. Sensitar Machinery immediately arranged the after-sales installation team to go to Binzhou to take charge of equipment installation, commissioning and othe...Read more »

  • Why is this environmental rendering equipment recognized by many breeding groups?
    Post time: May-18-2020

    Since the floating incident of dead pigs in huangpu river in 2013, the relevant laws and regulations on the treatment of diseased livestock and poultry have gradually become strict and standardized. In 2015, relevant policies on the demolition of illegal buildings in environmental breeding have b...Read more »

  • Countermeasures and Suggestions for African Swine Fever
    Post time: Apr-07-2020

    Since 2020, a total of 3,508 cases of African swine fever have been reported in 19 countries and regions with 963 cases of indigenous pigs and 2,545 cases of wild boar. The number of the cases is constantly growing. So it is very important to prevent and control African swine fever,what can we do...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-23-2020

    Hope all well! Corona virus under control now in China but it is spreading in the world. Please take good care of yourself and families to keep safe. According to my personal experiences from January to till now, some advice below: 1.Firstly try to stay away from crowds as much as possible. 2.Wea...Read more »

  • All of employees have resumed work in Sensitar
    Post time: Mar-11-2020

    Shandong Sensitar Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.has come back to normal work. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, Shandong province has taken supportive measures to help individual businesses resume work, including the reduction of rents, taxes and social security premiums, and the issuing of ...Read more »

  • The fighting force will our effective driving force
    Post time: Feb-26-2020

    Starting in January 2020, an infectious disease called “Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia” has occurred in Wuhan, China. The epidemic touched the hearts of people all over the world, in the face of the epidemic, Chinese people up and down the country, are actively fightin...Read more »

  • Countermeasures and Suggestions for African Swine Fever
    Post time: Jan-08-2020

    The sudden outbreak of African swine fever has made our pig breeders very worried. Even more disturbing, there is no vaccine available.So why is African swine fever so bad?How to prevent and control African swine fever? Why is African swine fever so bad? 1.ASF is spread by contact with infected ...Read more »

  • Congratulations on the successful  installation project in Belarus
    Post time: May-07-2019

    Shandong Sensitar machinery manufacturing co., LTD is a leading developer and manufacturer of harmless processing production lines for livestock and poultry. In April 2019, Sensitar completed the guided installation and commissioning project for the berenich protein plant in Belarus. Together wit...Read more »

  • We are Sensitar!
    Post time: Apr-18-2019

    As a Sensitar employee, you have committed and highly skilled colleagues from all over the world working together across different functions, borders, and cultures to serve our customers and ensure the best results. We offer a wide range of opportunities for international career development – whe...Read more »

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