Delivery!2 Tons/Batch Rendering Plant Has Been Packed to Delivered to Binzhou

On May-18, 2 tons/batch rendering plant designed from Sensitar has been finished manufacturing and inspected qualified,delivered to Binzhou.


Sensitar Machinery immediately arranged the after-sales installation team to go to Binzhou to take charge of equipment installation, commissioning and other post-work. Dispatching technicians with rich experience in installation and adjustment to lead the team to participate, complete the installation work with high quality,and lay a firm foundation of the well use for customers in the future.

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What is the harmless rendering treatment ?

Harmless rendering treatment is a scientific treatment method that does not pollute the environment . It can effectively reduce the pollution problems caused by random treatment and turn waste into treasure.


Animal waste rendering machine should be used in harmless rendering treatment.

The animal waste rendering plant from Sensitar adopts the advanced drying and cooking processing technology, in the high temperature and high pressure of the cooker tank,the livestock carcasses can be made bactericidal, and then would be dried, defatted, milled to be decomposed into oil and meat bone meal.The oil can be used to make industrial oil, feed oil and biodiesel, and bone and meat meal can be used to make high protein feed and organic fertilizer.The whole equipment can work automatically and environmental friendly, and the whole process is closed and free of pollution. The final produced organic fertilizer is with high value.

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Post time: May-27-2020
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