Avian influenza epidemic death of animals should be high-temperature sterilization closed treatment


   The Nebraska department of Agriculture has announced the state’s fourth case of bird flu in the backyard of a farm in Holt County. Nandu reporters learned from the Department of Agriculture, the United States has recently 18 states have bird flu outbreaks.

           The Nebraska Department of Agriculture says an exclusion zone has been placed around the backyard of the farm where the bird flu has emergedFarm employees have been quarantined and the remaining poultry on the farm have been disposed of.Nebraska has canceled poultry sales in the state because of the bird flu outbreak.

           Eighteen states have seen outbreaks and more than 13 million birds have been treated, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.The bird flu outbreak has caused great concern and concern among American farmers.. Some farmers fear a repeat of the 2015 U.S. bird flu pandemic that killed 50 million birds in 15 states and caused $1 billion in damage.

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Post time: Apr-01-2022
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