Solutions in Philippines have slowed the spread of African swine fever

Months of community isolation have slowed the spread of African swine fever (ASF) and the number of cases has fallen to 20 per million pigs, according to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) of the Department of Agriculture.


BAI Director Domingo said there were two ASF outbreaks in September to October last year and January to February this year, affecting pig farms in eight regions, 25 provinces and 224 cities.It led to the culling of about 300,000 pigs, or about 3% of the Philippine’s total pig quantity.This caused the retail price of pork to soar to 280 pesos per kg.

The most effective solution to handle the dead pigs is to use the rendering equipment.Sensitar dead animal rendering plant can recycle animal by-products by the separation of liquids (water, oil, fat, tallow, etc.) from solids.

What can Sensitar offer to your company?

√  The best nutrient values in the market

√    Turnkey solutions for by-product processing

√   Lowest processing costs per ton

√  Perfect after-sales service


Advantage of Sensitar rendering plant:

√   Meal work flow: crush-cook and dry-press-cool-mill-pack

√   Wast air treatment: dust catcher-condensate-washing-biofilter.

√   PLC automatic computer control,automatic running, easy operation, save labour cost.

√    Kill harmful bacteria in meal by high temperature.

√    Make animal waste to be wealth resource,create new value, reduce pollution for environment.


Post time: Jul-08-2020
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