The fish meal equipment of the Philippine customer is about to be shipped


The fish meal plant line including the machines below:

1.Crusher and metal detector

2.Fish cooker



5.Cooling and milling

6.Waste gas treatment

Compare with other supplier’s machine,our machine have the feathers below:

1.High quality steel,firm and safety,strict quality testing,have at least 20 years lifetime.
2.Fully-automatic,save manpower and cost.
3.Imported brand valve and meter,to ensure the quality steady.
4.Advanced design,manture productive technology.
5.One machine have high output,need small area.

The suit has the advantages of full-automatic control, simple operation, no need to add auxiliary materials in the processing process, green environmental protection, ect.
We are committed to the animal waste rendering plant, and are in the leading position in the field of organic waste resource recycling technology. With the crystallization of advanced environmental and ecological science and technology in the world, advanced animals innocuous treatment equipment has been developed, and a complete set of innocuous treatment has been manufactured.

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Post time: Jul-01-2022
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