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Nagu saabsan

companyShandong Sensitar Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a famous supplier of animal waste protein handling process both at home and abroad.Our company owned authorized pressure vessel certificate(Certificate No.TS2237474-2016),CE certificate,ASME certificate.Our company majored in dead animal harmless handle and recycle.Our technical is at a leading level in the professional organic waste recycle and reuse business.Gathering the advanced biological technology,we created the advanced dead animal harmless comprehensive handling equipment.The process line machine we designed has a lot of superior characters including high automation,definite safety,low labor intensity and etc.It achieves a high standard goal of simple,continuous and efficient manufacture technology.

Sensitar leh qadar fiican staff.Our xirfad injineer weyn xirfadeed qorshee doonaa geedi xirfadeed ee kala duwan condition.At waqti isku mid ah, aanu ku siin doonaa ka xoogbadan, a at the goal-Service-adeeg ka dib marka hore, tayada guusha.

Sanadihii la soo dhaafay, Shirkadda wada shaqeyn la leh shirkado badan oo outstand labada gudaha iyo dibaddaba.

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