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companyShandong Sensitar Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a famous supplier of animal waste protein handling process both at home and abroad.Our company owned authorized pressure vessel certificate(Certificate No.TS2237474-2016),CE certificate,ASME certificate.Our company majored in dead animal harmless handle and recycle.Our technical is at a leading level in the professional organic waste recycle and reuse business.Gathering the advanced biological technology,we created the advanced dead animal harmless comprehensive handling equipment.The process line machine we designed has a lot of superior characters including high automation,definite safety,low labor intensity and etc.It achieves a high standard goal of simple,continuous and efficient manufacture technology.

Sensitar posseeix una quantitat excel·lent ampli personal capacitat enginyer professional staff.Our dissenyarà un procés professional per a diferents condition.At mateix temps, ens proporcionarà un superior després del servei a la meta-Servei a la primera, la qualitat per a l'èxit.

En els últims anys, la nostra empresa ha cooperat amb moltes empreses Outstand tant a casa com a l'estranger.

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