Kazakhstan and Russia have mutually canceled restrictions on the transport of livestock and poultry products

    Recently, according to the release of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, the Animal and Plant Quarantine Committee has held consultations with Russian Federal Service for Animal and Plant Quarantine and reached an agreement for mutual relieving of the previously implemented temporary restrictions on the transport of some livestock and poultry products.

    Considering the domestic related animal epidemic tends to be stable, allowing from North Kazakhstan, Akmora, Pavlodar and Kostanai states to transport the live poultry, eggs, poultry and poultry products, poultry feed and feed additives, and related equipment for poultry processing to Russia, and allow the poultry products from above regions produces transit from Russia to other countries.Restrictions on the transport of livestock products from the states of Atyrau and Mangis State have also been canceled.At the same time, due to the stabilization of the animal epidemic in Russia, Kazakhstan no longer restricts the transportation of live livestock, poultry and related products from parts of Russia to Kazakhstan.


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Post time: May-12-2021
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