Uruguay declares national poultry emergency


        According to Uruguay’s “National News” reported on January 18, due to the recent heat wave swept across Uruguay, resulting in a large number of poultry deaths, the Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Fisheries announced on January 17 that the country has entered a state of emergency for poultry.Under the state of emergency, poultry producers can receive financial assistance such as loan subsidies to resume production.

      The Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Fisheries said more than 200,000 poultry had died as of Monday, although damage statistics had not yet been completed.The largest number of deaths were in laying hens, with up to 50% of them on some farms.

      Broiler losses were lower, with mortality ranging from 1% to 5%. Large numbers of poultry deaths will lead to lower egg production, as well as fewer broiler chicks and eggs for market consumption, and higher prices for poultry products.



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Post time: Feb-10-2022
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