Was Coronavirus detected by imported salmon?How will these salmon with the virus be handled?

According to relevant reports, 46 new coVID-19 patients were tested positive for nucleic acid in Beijing after 56 days of no new local cases. After analyzing the activity track of the confirmed cases, the source was located in the Beijing’s largest wholesale market,named Xinfadi.

On the evening of June 12, Mr.Zhang Yuxi, chairman of Xinfadi Wholesale Market, Beijing, said that a novel Coronavirus was detected in a chopping block of imported salmon from the market during a sampling inspection.


According to the Notice on the temporary suspension of the Xinfadi wholesale Market issued by the Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau and the Fengtai District Health Commission in Beijing on June 13, the Xinfadi market of Beijing will be temporarily closed from 3 PM on June 13 for comprehensive sanitation renovation and environmental disinfection.At the same time, in order to ensure the supply of the market ,special trading areas were set up for vegetables and fruits in other places to implement closed-loop management.


So how can these salmon with Coronavirus be treated to avoid infection?

Firstly,we can carry out traditional incineration treatment, but the traditional incinerator will cause certain pollution to the environment. In addition to traditional methods, it can be treated by animal waste rendering plant.

Sensitar animal waste rendering plant adopted the advanced treatment technology of drying system.With the high temperature and high pressure,the material inside the cooker will be processed and cooked of sterilization, and then after some other program ,such as drying,milling,the material will be completely decomposed.The complete line of equipment has the advantage of high degree of automation ,pollution-free in processing and processing result,high productive and wide application scope.


Our company is centred on the research and development of new technologies. We have obtained 12 authorized patents in total, obtained CE certification of Europe and ASME certificate, and obtained the pressure vessel manufacturing qualification. With the world’s advanced environmental and ecological science and technology, the complete set of rendering plant has been highly praised by our cooperative companies.

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Post time: Jun-30-2020
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