Us chicken production rose slightly; Global supplies are tight


             Despite the strong consumer demand for chicken meat, U.S. chicken production has remained at the same level as in 2020. There has been some growth and the weight of chickens is getting heavier.

           The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service (ERS) stated in its September Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlookoutlook that strong preliminary data in August prompted the USDA to raise its chicken production forecasts for 2021 and 2022 . Chicken production in July was almost the same as in 2020, at 3.744 billion pounds, while the average live weight of broilers in July increased by 2% over the same period in 2020.

           ERS said that based on expectations of stronger chicken prices and lower feed costs in 2022, the production forecast for 2022 has been raised to 45.34 billion pounds, an increase of 1% from the production forecast for 2021.

           ERS also pointed out that by 2021, total US chicken exports will increase by approximately 1% from 2020, and then decline by 1% in 2022 to 7.41 billion pounds.


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Post time: Oct-08-2021
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