The advice for Corona virus

Hope all well! Corona virus under control now in China but it is spreading in the world. Please take good care of yourself and families to keep safe. According to my personal experiences from January to till now, some advice below:

1.Firstly try to stay away from crowds as much as possible.

2.Wear medical mask if you have to go to public

3.Wash and disinfect yourself every time when you come back from outside,at least wash your hands,face,wipe your hair if possible .

4.Please pay special attention to old aged people, children in the families, they are more easily affected.Please try to hold them at home.

5.When at home, try to open windows/doors two or three times per day for fresh air.

6.When at home try to do physical exercises regularly to keep strong so that your immune system can work well to protect yourselves from possible virus.

7.Breathe well, eat well and balanced-nutrition food (best boiled or high temperature treated), sleep well (don’t stay up too late), exercise well.

Hope these tips are helpful for you

Post time: Mar-23-2020
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